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New YM Studios Frontpage! - Yoshi Fan Club

About New YM Studios Frontpage!

Previous Entry New YM Studios Frontpage! Feb. 18th, 2005 @ 08:02 am Next Entry
I am posting this in all the forums I am allowed. So this includes my regular journal, yfc, and webguild.

I have officially completed the long, detailed and involved work on the new YM Studios site. Many moons ago, in the grand ole days of January, one ngyoshi commissioned me to work on a new design. The words he used were "contribute on top of my work, freely improve on things, [and] add your own ideas to the main page." Apoligies to ngyoshi, but there is very little from the actual layout that I didn't modify in some respect, but I did keep the primary concept the same: showing the links on top with the news (or other content) right below it, and a little spotlight section off to the side. In the spirit of whoring ourselves, I even made a special section for the Google advertisements.

Going into it, I wanted something that had a realistic look to it, as much as a webpage can look real. So I decided to make use of shadowing and gradients all over the place. And what I wanted most of all out of it was simplicity. There isn't going to be a whole lot of information, but it can still get to looking very cluttered quickly (and did on many thrown-out layouts.) A lot of work needed to be done to get the centered layout to work correctly, and even more time was wasted in getting the site to be compatible in IE as well as Firefox.

I shall send it to ngyoshi when next I see him, and pending his approval and any changes he makes, the new layout can be found at http://www.ymstudios.net/. Go check it out!

This is just the first stage, hopefully. For the next task, I hope ngyoshi, cmraz and I can develop a solid and completely unified portfolio to show off. After that, I hope we can begin work on a real YM Net page that will showcase all the member sites, and provide a real forum for our crazy antics. Some PHP and MySQL blogging techniques will be tested out on my next project, the 6th roo-vamping of the Gyme.

Tee Tee Ef En!
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